Isara Preschooler, Graphite Linen

ISARA Preschooler is a compact carrier that can be adjusted both for a 9 month old baby and for a 8 years old preschooler, without any adaptors or transformers.

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Kompozīcija Lins
Vecums No 9 mēnešiem līdz 8 gadiem
Ražotājs ISARA, Rumānija
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The adjustments are intuitive, and the result is an ergonomic position, no matter the age, from 9 months old until 8 years old.

Enjoy babywearing from big to biggest with ISARA Preschooler! Your baby will do it for sure!

Two of the women's most loved things in the world wrapped together. No gemstone can sparkle brighter than the love we have for our children. Every child is unique. No two diamonds look the same. Love is irreplaceable. The most precious gem in your life deserves to be worn in the precious ISARA Diamonda Black design.

From big, to bigger and even the biggest, all children want to be carried from time to time.

Babywearing is a form of positive parenting and its benefits extend up to reaching the end of preschool years and beyond!

Of course that exploration is key to a child’s development, but also having your baby close when the situation requires it, is more than important.

Waiting in line, going to doctor’s appointments, hiking, going on a city break, all with a toddler or a preschooler, they all seem easier when a fitted ergonomic baby carrier comes in handy.

And the moment it starts raining and you all need to stay close under one umbrella, or when your little one will be scooting fiercely through the park, but shortly their tiny legs won’t take them back home, this is when you’re going to see ISARA Preschooler’s true colors!

Enjoy babywearing from big to biggest with ISARA Preschooler! Your baby will do it for sure!


Garantija: garantijas laiks visiem produktiem – 24 mēneši!

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